Gardening Music

Wellington 6011

Bedlam & Squalor

7:30 PM

These rhythms were their relation to human harvests; if we add other relations, for example, to pollinators or other plants, rhythms multiply. The polyphonic assemblage is the gathering of these rhythms, as they result from world-making projects, human and not human.
Anna Tsing, The Mushroom at the End of the World

Join Jake Baxendale and his quintet for ‘Gardening Music’, a set of original compositions referencing and drawing inspiration from gardening and the natural world. Taking a leaf from writers in the environmental humanities such as Anna Tsing and Robin Wall-Kimmerer, Jake is branching out from traditional modes of music-making, digging deep into approaches that reflect growth, relationships, and sustenance.

Jake Baxendale, alto sax/bass clarinet
Louisa Williamson, tenor sax
Duncan Haynes, piano
Seth Boy, bass
Abe Baillie, drums

Venue Details

Bedlam & Squalor Level 1/18 Garrett Street, Te Aro
Wellington 6011