Info for musicians

Artists interested in playing at WJC may use the contact us page or email Mark Lockett at

Performances are currently held fortnightly (Thursdays). The gig starts at 7.30pm and finish approximately 9.30pm with two 50 minute sets. Running costs will be kept to a minimum so that the maximum amount of funds go to the performers. The Band leader will receive an agreed percentage of the door (excluding WJC joining fees), all processes from the sale of CDs will go to the band.

WJC will create events to promote your gig on the WJC website and Facebook page, Eventfinder and Under the Radar. Each band is encouraged to promote their gig via Facebook, posters, word of mouth etc. Remember the more people that know about your gig the more chances of having a good crowd and a really fun gig.

WJC support and work with other venues such as the Creative Jazz Club of Aotearoa in Auckland and Orange Studio in Christchurch and encourage musicians to tour their music.