Tyaan Singh Trio – Imaginary Friends


216 Cuba Street

7:30 PM

Tyaan Singh Jazz Trio presents – Imaginary Friends

People often describe creativity as a muscle you can train, just like going to the gym, but you have to do this through some sort of physical medium, like playing a musical instrument or painting pictures. Some years ago I wondered whether there might be something you could do to purely improve your ability for creative thinking without using any physical medium, so I started trying to practice basically just imagining things. 

Usually it means sitting down and imagining that you are in some environment, and taking note of the colours, how it looks, how it smells, what you are wearing, what the ground feels like, and then just walking around and going with whatever the first thing that comes to mind is. Maybe a silly frog jumps out and tell you you look dumb and then runs away, or maybe there is a big hole in the ground and you climb in. Really just not thinking about it too much, and trying to maintain a cohesive experience for as long as you can not be distracted. 

Over time there have been a few recurring characters that I think have become a bit like what kids call their imaginary friends. For this gig I’ve decided to write a song for each of these characters, attempting to capture their aesthetic musically. 

We are going to try and bring as much size and musicality as we can to the minimal format of the trio, making an effort to use each instrument outside of their traditional roles. I think it’s going to be really fun. Hope to see you there


~ Featuring ~
Tyaan Singh – Saxophone
Abe Baillie – Drums
Umar Zakaria – Bass

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216 Cuba Street 216 Cuba street