The Troubles


Bedlam and Squalor

7:30 PM

The Troubles are led by John Rae, a celebrated drummer and composer originally hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. They present engaging and eclectic programs of original and newly arranged compositions. The music ranges in origin from traditional blues, swing, and ballads to works influenced by traditions of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Wales, and South America.

“It is at its heart, the new frontier of chamber music, joining the intimacy of a small ensemble with the communicative aspect not only within the ensemble but also with the audience. This music showcases fluidity and fierce individuality, creating new experiences for audiences by bringing together the expertise of performers from both classical and jazz traditions. Fill your mind and soul with an evening of the unexpected”. – NZ Musician

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Venue Details

Bedlam and Squalor Upstairs, 18 Garrett Street